Today's competitive global marketplace makes brand protection an important component of your packaging. Quality Assured's Brand Protection Series includes measures to identify your original product from counterfeits. Counterfeit deterrence, brand protection technologies, and product authentication tactics help brand owners maintain and build on customer trust as well as protect margins.

Effective brand protection integrated into packaging usually incorporates a multi-level approach of overt, semi-covert and/or covert technologies. For added security many brand owners choose to incorporate a taggant into their approach.


Security measures incorporated into packaging that are visible to the consumer. These measures help consumers know you take their health and safety seriously. No special equipment is needed to see or read. Overt security measures are usually low in cost. Sample measures include: color shift ink, prysmatic™ coatings, and scratch off inks. Overt security measures can also double as marketing opportunities for on-pack promotions and games.


Semi-covert security printing measures are usually intended for the retailers to verify product authenticity. Simple equipment is needed to see or read. These measures are usually low to moderate in cost. Examples include: micro-printing, thermochromic, embedded imagery, and invisible fluorescent.


Highest on the scale of security measure, covert technology requires proprietary equipment to verify presence. Covert technology is generally for inspectors.


A type of covert technology using chemical or physically imbedded additives. Taggant technology is tightly controlled and unique to each customer. Additionally, brand owners may choose to add a taggant technology to any overt or semi-covert technology. This creates a covert security measure that maintains the overt and semi-covert recognition properties.

All brand protection printing techniques are completed in-line in a single-pass offering cost and time efficiencies.

Many additional security measures are available, but have not been listed due to the confidentiality of brand protection. Our R&D is expert in helping integrate unique levels of protection into packaging, with little or no change to existing artwork.



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