The white papers listed below were developed to provide you with additional information to help you through your packaging process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


The Role of Product Packaging as it Relates to Shopping Behavior. this paper aims to differntiate the two basic types of consumer shopping behaviors, address the role packaging plays for each, and offer suggestions on how designers and marketers may incorporate specialty print enhancments into their product packaging — thus, increasing the likelihood of first time and repeat product purchases.  >full paper

Extended Content Label primer

An Introduction to Extended Content Labels for Designers, Marketers, and Brand owners. What is an Extended Content Label (ECL)? How do manufactures benefit from using ECLS? What types of ECLs are there? This white paper will answer many common ECL questions, such as these and lay the foundation for getting started with ECLs.  >full paper


Innovative Solution Solves Space-restricted Labeling Challenge. This White Paper explores the Roll-Fed ECL as a solution to space issues and cost and environmental savings for consumer packaging.  >full paper

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