Roll-Fed Extended Content Label

Quality Assured Label’s BackPack® Roll-Fed Extended Content Label (ECL) is a first of its kind patented product specifically designed to increase the content area available on roll-fed labeled products. This label offers endless options for customization and meets multi-lingual, regulatory, and marketing objectives. Manufacturing will love it too, there is no adjustment to application equipment required to run this label. The transition is seamless.

Features and Benefits

First of Kind, Patented Product

A proud achievement of QAL’s R&D group, the BackPack® Roll-Fed ECL has many patents and patents pending nationally and abroad. This unique construction has won many awards, but more importantly, it has been lab and market tested for optimal performance and consumers love it.

Durable and Resealable

BOPP films and UV inks, combined with a proprietary and robust combination of adhesives and coatings make the Roll-Fed ECL a strong labeling solution. Consumers can open and reseal the booklet over and over again without jeopardizing the integrity or aesthetics of your label.


It is a global marketplace. Often companies have more than one sku dedicated to a single product, to accommodate multiple languages. Multiple pages allow companies to reduce SKU count by consolidating languages onto one label as well as appeal to the demographics of their distribution area by including the national and common languages all on one label.


Coupons and IRCs are not new, however incorporating them directly into the product's label in a consumer friendly way is. Labeling time and cost is decreased because the coupon is part of the primary label. Incorporate one or more coupons or maximize the label’s potential and include a booklet portion as well.

Seamless Transition From Your Standard Labels

Roll-Fed ECLs are made using the same materials as single ply roll-fed products and run on standard labeling equipment without modification or adjustment to run speed.

GHS and Regulatory

With the increase in regulatory content required on a label many companies have turned to our Roll-Fed booklet label to provide the needed space. This construction is the ideal solution to fit GHS content.

Marketing and Consumer Education

Consumers want more information; they educate themselves on line and at the point of purchase. The added space on multi-page labels offer are a great opportunity to cross-sell additional products, build brand loyalties, and further drive web traffic.


The best part about the Roll-Fed ECL is that the options to customize are endless. The label can open up to 350 degrees around the canister, hold 1 or more coupons, incorporate games, promotions, you name it. QAL will help you build the marketing tool specific to your goals.

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