BackPack® Roll-Fed ECL from Quality Assured Label Solves Space Restricted Labeling Challenge for New FMC Aerosol Insecticide

The BackPack® Roll-Fed Extended Content Label (ECL) is a multi-page labeling solution developed to dramatically increase content area on roll-fed/unsupported film labeled products.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, JUNE 13, 2011 — The new Talstar® insecticide form FMC Professional Solutions, a business unit of FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC) brings the convenience of an aerosol to pest management professionals. Quality Assured Label was asked to supply a packaging solution to fit the products government required health and safety information along with use instructions. The Talstar® insecticide 3-page Roll-Fed Extended Content Label opens 350 degrees for maximum content space, allowing this important information to remain with the product for its life-cycle.

Backpack® Roll-Fed ECL, an innovative, patented labeling solution that was engineered to dramatically increase the content area on roll-fed labeled consumer products, was recently introduced by Quality Assured Label. BackPack® Roll-Fed ECL is available in 2- or 3- page resealabel booklet constructions. The label can be opened from 10 to 350 degrees, offering up to 200 percent more content area.

The additional space of a multi-page Roll-Fed ECL allows brand owners to:

  • Include federal and state required regulatory information at legible type sizes
  • Keep health and safety information with the product for the entire product life cycle
  • Maintain space for brand and marketing messages
  • Include multi-lingual content

Additional information on Quality Assured Label’s printing capabilities and BackPack® Roll-Fed ECL product details can be found at For product information on Talstar® insecticide from FMC is available at


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