Evolution of the Roll – Fed Extended Content Label

Extended content labels (ECLs), often referred to as “booklets”, are multi-page labels with growing marketplace demand. Quality Assured Label has been positioned as an industry leader in Extended Content Label innovations for over 30 years. We are proud to introduce the Roll-Fed ECL as an extension of our Backpack® ECL portfolio. The Roll-Fed ECL was developed around the key construction characteristics of our pressure sensitive ECL, but tailored to meet the needs of a new ECL aerosol market. The result is a first of its kind patented product that we continue to evolve to meet our Backpack® customers’ unique needs.

Where it began

Quality Assured Label started our ECL design with pressure sensitive ECLs for industries such as health and beauty and OTC pharmaceutical where packaging footprints and labels are small. We helped brands within these industries by creating a booklet system that met the need for more space due to increased regulatory and health and safety information. Single ply pressure sensitive labels are durable and customizable. Our pressure sensitive ECLs hold these same key characteristics but provide the added benefit of additional resealable pages.

Opportunity for Roll-Fed Application

The pressure sensitive ECL was deemed a success; a helpful solution to many industries. However, pressure sensitive booklets are not compatible with every type of labeling process, specifically roll-fed labeling for aerosol products. We started noticing trends and challenges in the aerosol market place. Trends like smaller copy, hang tags and less marketing content in order for brand owners to meet the growing regulatory standards. The implementation of the GHS requirements was also in the works and only going to increase the demand for space on product labels. Quality Assured Label’s R&D team recognized these hurdles and saw an opportunity to expand our ECL capabilities by creating a unique product offering for the aerosol market.

Traits of the Roll-Fed ECL

Standard roll-fed labeling is a high speed, low cost process, so our ECL construction needed to stay in line with these essential traits. Transitioning from standard roll-fed labels to the Backpack® Roll-Fed ECL needed to be seamless; providing users with a solution that would not disrupt their current manufacturing environment. The result is a proprietary ECL specific for this market. Offering the industry a label that has all the performance qualities of the pressure sensitive ECL with no negative impact on the customer’s application environment. There is no need to alter existing application equipment nor does it change the labeling speed. The same, low cost, materials as standard single-ply labels are used and the ECL is manufactured in a single print run keeping costs down. After a period of accelerated aging and shipping tests, we were ready to give the roll-fed aerosol industry the answer to fit more content on their product with a user friendly, durable, resealable and customizable Roll-Fed ECL. The Backpack® Roll-fed ECL was commercialized in 2010 to meet the need for more space to accommodate government compliance. Since the launch, we have found the uses of multi-page labels continue to grow. Requests and inquires about the product have evolved the Roll-Fed ECL into a robust offering with endless product communication and construction options.

Uses of the Roll-Fed ECL

After developing the roll-fed ECL, one of the first requests we were faced with was an instant redeemable coupon option. Since our Roll-Fed ECL is completely customizable, Quality Assured Label developed a window perf and tear system that allows shoppers to utilize promotions and coupons at the point of purchase. This option continues to be one of our most popular requests due to the positive results it creates and the heightened shelf impact it gives to their brands without additional costs.

With this new offering, customers started to see the potential for their products. Promotional items were not the only way to utilize this new development. There are a multitude of uses for this multi-page system. Brands began to restructure their packaging to provide educational information to their consumers. Multi-lingual content was addressed, giving users a way to reduce their costs by eliminating the need for multiple SKUs of the same product for global distribution. Cross marketing is another advantage; being able to promote different products within their brand gives brand owners a boost in sales while building consumer loyalty.

Quality Assured Label strives to meet the ever-expanding needs in the packaging marketplace and will continue to customize our ECL portfolio to fit and anticipate marketplace demands.