FAQs Roll-Fed Extended Content Labels

Frequently asked questions about Roll-Fed Extended Content Labels

  1. How many pages are available?
    Roll-Fed ECLs are available as 2 or 3 page booklets that can open from 10 degrees to 350 degrees of the cannister’s circumference.
  2. How much additional space is provided?
    Roll-fed ECLs preserve marketing messages, graphics and design aesthetic by offering up to 200% more content area.
  3. What types of materials are used?
    Standard roll-fed label materials are used. White, metalized or clear BOPP films. We can manufacture with your current specified material.
  4. What size(s) of Roll-Fed ECL do you manufacture?
    Labels can be manufactured up to 15” x 32”
  5. How many colors may be used?
    Roll-fed ECLs can be printed with up to 9 colors. The rest of the stations on our 12 color presses are used for the booklet components.
  6. Are the labels applied with the same equipment as regular roll-fed labels?
    Yes, all of our roll-fed extended content labels run on existing labeling equipment. There is no need to alter current labeling set up or specifications.
  7. Are Roll-Fed ECLs product/chemical resistant?
    Yes, roll-fed ECLs are extremely durable and resealable. All of our labels are printed with UV inks, which ensure the product’s quality and longevity. Ingredients, chemicals and environmental elements will never jeopardize the quality of the packaging.
  8. How do I lay my art/label copy out?
    All of our labels are custom based on your specific requirements. Please contact us for a template to flow your copy into.
  9. Is this a patented product?
    Yes, the Roll-Fed ECL is a proprietary product offering ­– exclusively manufactured by Quality Assured Label.
  10. What is the minimum order quantity?
    Quality Assured Label doesn’t have a minimum order quantity. Run efficiencies and cost are driven by size of labels and quantities.