Quality Assured Label Announces the Launch of a New Packaging Innovation to Solve Labeling Space Challenges

The BackPack® Roll-Fed Extended Content Label brings the benefits of multi-page pressure sensitive labeling and cost and environmental savings to roll-fed packaging.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 — With the dramatic increase in the amount of information required on today’s consumer labels, brand owners struggle to meet the requirements within the limited space available on their products. Quality Assured Label recently introduced BackPack® Roll-Fed Extended Content Label (ECL), an innovative, patented labeling solution that was engineered to increase the content area on roll-fed labeled consumer products. BackPack® Roll-Fed ECL is a multi-page booklet construction that can be opened from 10 to 350 degrees, offering up to 200 percent more content area. Additionally Roll-Fed ECLs are lighter in weight and materials cost less, when compared to pressure-sensitive booklets.

Utilizing a multi-page Roll-Fed ECL allows brand owners to:

  • Include federal and state required regulatory information at legible type sizes
  • Provide value added product information, such as recipes or use instructions, to consumers looking to educate themselves about product purchases
  • Keep health and safety information with the product for the entire product life cycle
  • Maintain space for brand and marketing messages
  • Include multi-lingual content

Economic and sustainability benefits:

  • Additional space allows manufacturers to reduce SKUs, especially in the case of multiple export countries, thus reducing printing and inventory costs
  • Roll-Fed ECL material is less expensive in comparison to the traditionally used pressure sensitive material for booklets
  • Roll-Fed film is thin and lightweight, allowing more labels per roll and reduced shipping costs
  • No liners (as with pressure sensitive booklets which contain non-recyclable silicone) means less waste

ABOUT Quality ASSURED LABEL For over 25 years, Quality Assured Label (QAL) has led through print innovation in 6 specific product categories: Pressure Sensitive Labels, Roll-Fed Labels, Extended Content Labels (ECLs), Blister Cards, Cartons, and Coupons — all produced 100% in-line in a single-pass. Single-pass printing offers cost efficiencies, consistent color between product categories, the ability to add specialty print techniques and finishes, and quicker turnaround times.