Cartons & Blister Cards

When you want your boarded packaging to stand out on the shelf, QALs 12-color combination presses offer unique decoration options.

Features and Benefits


Sleeves and folded cartons are durable and customizable solutions to showcase your product. Cartons have a 15” x 20” maximum flat footprint.

Blister Cards

Flat or folded blister cards, skin cards, and clamshells offer brand owners clear product visibility and theft protection for smaller and/or high cost items.


A wide range of board, recycled, plastic, metalized and specialty options available. Board thickness up to 20 point. Plastic substrate thickness up to 16 mil.

Process difference

Our process is in-line. What does that mean for you? Applying blister coatings, and completing die-cutting (including apertures and windows) in-line during the printing process reduces waste, saves time, and lowers run costs.


Popular decoration techniques for boarded packaging include: foil, spot metalization, texture, holographic effects, glitter, and cast coating. Including one or more Specialty Printing Techniques differentiates your product.

Secondary labeling

Add a promotion, coupon, or Extended Content Label for educational, marketing, and consumer loyalty programs.

Related Capabilities

Specialty Printing Techniques

Our 12 color presses offer us the flexibility to integrate specialty inks, coatings, adhesives, and techniques to help you differentiate your products on the shelf.

Security Features

You have invested a lot into your brand; let QAL help you protect it with affordable security features integrated into your labels.

Pressure Sensitive ECL

The thinnest and most durable option for pressure sensitive booklet labels in the market place.