Roll-Fed Labels

Often called unsupported film labels, Roll-Fed Labels offer unique brand and marketing opportunities through 360° of wrap around label space.

Features and Benefits

What is a Roll-Fed Label?

Roll-Fed labels are supplied as a continuous roll of labels without adhesive pre-applied or liner. Application equipment cuts the roll into individual labels and applies adhesive as the label wraps around the container.


Labels wrap completely around the container offering 360° branding space. The full wrap around label is further enhanced with UV flexographic printing, resulting in vibrant, crisp graphics.


White and Metalized BOPP films, available in high- or low- shrink. Roll-Fed Labels can be applied to straight wall or neck-in canisters.


By nature Roll-Fed labels require no liner, backing or adhesive—resulting in a cost effective (and environmentally friendly) labeling solution.

Chemical Resistant

The structure for a Roll-Fed label includes a ply of BOPP film carrying graphics finished with a clear over-laminate The materials are waterproof and chemical resistant. Our UV inks further protect your labels from chemical or water damage.

Related Capabilities

Roll-Fed Extended Content Label (ECL)

First of its kind multi-page solution for high-speed roll-fed label application.

Cut & Stack ECL

Resalable solution for paper/paper glue applied booklet constructions.

Security Features

You have invested a lot into your brand; let QAL help you protect it with affordable security features integrated into your labels.