Security Features

Specialty inks, coatings and techniques can be incorporated into packaging as a security measure to avert and detect counterfeiting. Many options exist depending on the level of security you are looking for.

Features and Benefits


Chose from overt, semi-covert, covert, or taggant technology use one or integrate multiple levels for increased security.

Overt security measures

Options for the consumer to check authenticity. No special equipment needed to see or read. Also can be used as a promotional or marketing tool. Samples include: Prysmatic™ coatings, scratch off ink, color shift inks.

Semi-Covert methods

Measures put in place for retailers to examine packaging. Simple equipment is needed to see or read. Samples include: imbedded imagery, micro printing, invisible fluorescents, thermochromatic inks.

Covert protection

Offering the highest level of security, these methods are for inspectors. Proprietary equipment is needed to verify presence.

Taggant technology

A type of covert protection measure using chemical or physical imbedded additives. Unique customer specific formulations and limited access/tight controls inhibit counterfeiting.

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