Specialty Printing Techniques

Including specialty inks, techniques or processes on your packaging printing elevates the tactile and visual appeal of your product.

Features and Benefits


Raised images and patterns can be used with graphics to create a tactile effect. The raised image also provides a good grip for products such as shampoos and shower gels. Textures options include: smooth, gritty, low or high profile.


Foil, Metalure, metallic inks are available in a variety of colors and holographic patterns. Dependent on application the effect can range in “shine” from dull to high sheen.

Foil Tints

Standard silver foil can be overprinted with transparent pigmented color/ink to offer a brand specific foil color – without a high cost or minimum.

Holographic Effects

QAL has a proprietary technique we call Prysmatic™. This is a low cost alternative with endless options to specialty holographic looks. Prysmatic™ effects can be a great security feature.


Glitter inks contain reflective flakes that are suspended in clear or pigmented transparent ink. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.


Pearl luster can be applied to packaging as a stand alone color, or integrated into process artwork. Available in many natural and light color tints.

Thermo- and photo-chromatic

Activated by temperature or UV and sunlight, these inks change color when activated. State of color change can be temporary or permanent. Consider as a security feature.

Glowing inks

Glow in the Dark and Day Glow inks are available in a variety of colors, offering a fun visual pop.

Related Capabilities

Security Features

You have invested a lot into your brand; let QAL help you protect it with affordable security features integrated into your labels.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

QAL offers the broadest range of in-line, innovative print options and materials for your pressure sensitive labels.

Cartons & Blister Cards

In-line application of blister coatings, and specialty print techniques allow QAL customers to enhance their cartons and blister cards—turning them into attention grabbing marketing tools.