Pressure Sensitive Extended Content Label (ECL)

An Extended Content label (ECL) is a multi-page label designed to increase the real estate on your packaging for more content. Often called booklet labels, QAL Pressure Sensitive ECLs offer distinct market advantages over other industry offerings.

Features and Benefits

Multi-lingual and Marketing Options

QAL Pressure Sensitive ECLS are available in 3, 5, or 7 page constructions; offering up to 600% more content as compared to a standard single ply label. Marketers have found endless ways to use the new space – multiple languages, cross marketing, IRCs, promotions, drive web traffic, consumer education, and games. The list goes on.

Regulatory and GHS

Government requirements for copy on labels are increasing and GHS simply requires more space to include the appropriate symbols. QAL ECLs make it easier to make your products compliant and safe.

Water proof and Chemical Resistant

Like all of QAL’s products, Pressure Sensitive booklets are printed with UV inks and coatings. These inks combined with our material selections ensure your labels stand up to the harshest of circumstances — they are waterproof and chemical resistant.

Any Shape; more real estate

Quality Assured Booklets utilize a proprietary construction. This construction does not require an over laminate to secure the booklet pages to the base ply. With this innovation, QAL is able to offer booklets for more copy space and at any shape or size.


The base ply is the page in direct contact with your container. This portion of the label is manufactured using your existing specified materials. QAL has a robust, proprietary top ply used for the additional pages of the label.

Thinnest Construction

Easy to open and re-sealable, QAL multi-page labels use the thinnest materials in the marketplace; this increases the amount of labels per roll offering manufacturing and shipping advantages as well as the optimal user experience.


From clear front label wraps, to partial length openings Pressure Sensitive ECLs are completely customizable. Would you like to add an IRC or perf and tear portion? No problem. Contact us to help you get started with a template that will meet your needs and brand objectives.

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